lundi 27 août 2012


Take a Peek

What makes you sorry, makes me strong
And what makes me worry , the place you belong
A place we played in when we were young
But now everything changed 

Why is everything  going wrong ?
Sorry our story wasn’t that long
Sorry that you have to hear this sad love song
We all made mistakes and I was the best
I destroyed every good moment
And you my dear finished the rest
To go away wasn’t a pleasure, wasn’t an order and wasn’t a request
I have done it in the sake of my nature
The same as birds build their nest
I believe in love but I don’t believe in you
As I believe that every laughter we did, Was worthless
Because ‘how’ doesn’t matter, what matters is ‘who’
Sometimes I sleep with an open eye
And sometimes I can’t sleep
Waiting for the days to show me why
They are secrets I have to keep
I threw my love in dark hole
But I’m afraid that hole isn’t so deep
When I was a little boy I used to play hide and seek
Doing that seven days in the week
A simple boy called the meek
But now I forgot every word, every letter and every smile
In order to set my emotions without taking a peek .

By O.Baha Eddine


    • Take your pen my dear friend
      Take your pen and leave this land
      You may be bored, I know!
      Believe me this is not the end …

      Take your pen and write with me
      We will write your lovely life
      To be tough or not to be
      It is not matter of taking a knife

      Take your pen don't look behind
      Feel your hand and make your dreams
      We will tell the human kind
      Life is not like it seems …

      Take your pen, you have two ways
      Follow your heart and make your choice
      Now you are making your shiny days
      Ignore devils and people's noise …

      Take your pen, life is good
      You have just to know the rules
      It is just not drink and food
      Do not follow the silly fools…

      Take your pen and write your feelings
      Show them what you're made of
      They won't stop mind keeling
      The single word is not enough…

      Take your pen, it's easy to say
      "I can do this and can do that"
      In my place we always say
      Life is short and "elly fat mat" *

      Take your pen and do some magic
      This kind of art is about to be fixed
      I know that this thing has no logic
      It’s just some words you have to mix

      *what passed from life won't be repeated
                                                                                           O. Baha Eddine

dimanche 26 août 2012



If someone made an apologize
If someone knew that the sun will rise
I always wonder if this is real
So all I know is what I feel

Between us between my eyes
I'm sure that the sun will rise
Don’t you think that this life is funny?
Although it's clear and pretty sunny
You can see the rain everywhere
It’s people's tears over their money
Nights of love we will have here
And others of course full of fear…

Do you think that you have to be cool?
And everything you do has to be right
Or maybe you can just follow some rules
After every morning there will be a night
So follow your heart and everything good
Smile as much as it takes
Give your money, clothes, your drink and food
And forgive any mistake that he makes...

You won't be believer till you do one thing
Wish for you the good and
For your brother the same thing
It’s not my words it's something bigger
Follow it well and you will win
Open your eyes we have the best leader
The life you have won’t last
You have to know this well, you the reader
Because this life is short
And it is going so fast.


FLAMES BETWEEN THEIR HEARTS…You die; I die- by Nikhil Parekh

The flames on ground; died a miserable death with the
slightest draught of insipid wind,
But the flames between their philandering eyes; rose
higher than the majestic skies; even in the most
tumultuously overwhelming of rain and storm….
The flames on ground; subsided to wisps of absolute
nothingness; at even the tiniest insinuation of flood
But the flames between their passionate chests;
transcended well beyond the realms of fascinating
eternity; even as the unfathomable battalion of
satanic demons; tried to kill them…
The flames on ground; tried their best to elude the
insurmountably overpowering tornado; squealing like
new born mice as they heard the brazen leaves rustle
the slightest,
But the flames between their voluptuous lips; kissed
the ultimate crescendos of untamed liberation; even as
the entire planet parasitically sucked blood and
lecherously manipulated outside…
The flames on ground; soon metamorphosed to frigidly
wincing embers; unable to bear the onslaught of leaf
and clouds,
But the flames between their eternal feet; interlocked
themselves into an entrenchment of unsurpassable
belonging; even as cloudbursts of uncouth diabolism
pelted from realms of hell…
The flames on ground; shirked disdainfully into their
devastated cocoons; as the horde of whistling wolves
trampled them indiscriminately,
But the flames between their ardent bellies;
transformed all lackadaisical dreariness on this earth
into bountiful paradise; even as a mountain of
treacherous monsters stabbed them ruthlessly on their
The flames on ground; vacillated in ungainly
confusion; even before the fireball of Sun could
silently slip behind the dolorously languid horizons,
But the flames between their ravishingly charismatic
palms; united for fathomless more births yet to
unveil; even as the murderously conventional society
tried to exonerate them with their commercial swords….
The flames on ground; incessantly feared of being
washed away by the most infedile of froth; although
the ocean was a billion kilometers away,
But the flames between their seductively alluring
cheeks; tantalized perpetually in the aisles of
vibrant desire; even as civilizations collapsed
outside; like a pack of soggy cards….
The flames on ground; had absolutely no entity of
their own; drifting miserably in the direction that
the somber wind took them,
But the flames between their fervently reverberating
bodies; evolved into the most wonderfully enigmatic
morning of tomorrow; even as sky disastrously blended
with every cranny of earth outside….
And The flames on ground; sometimes sunk well beneath
their ghastly corpse; even before they could
moderately rise to their one inch height,
But the flames between their immortally throbbing
heart; proliferated into boundless more streams of
royal love; even as the hideously sinister world came
to a veritable end; outside...

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 Think And Change
It started when I thought it was over
When my thoughts made over me a cover
I believed it was to protect me from the outside
But, in every day I wake up
I knew it was to protect the outside from me
Thoughts, I don’t have to hide
It was telling me to think
Then it was telling me to change
Two words connected by a strong link
Two words having the same range

Think then change
Think about the way poor people live
What they eat? If they do eat
What they taste, stone or meat?
Change the way you spend your days
What do you live every day, and what for?
Look around and be thankful for many ways
You don’t live out in the street or stuck in a war
Be thankful
Think then change…

                                                                                                       O.Baha Eddine


 A Flashback

I felt unwell that day
It was like wondering in the middle of the ocean
Which you can’t see the land
And with a flashback
A friend appeared
And helped me out to find my way and to stand
« Can you go on without me » he said
I answered smiling “no that would be so bad”
At that moment I was sure about that
I was sure as my blood is red
And I hugged him saying “you are more than a friend”
And at a moment of love, respect and faith
He took my hand
He took my hand and from the sea
He gave me some sand
“What is that supposed to be?” I asked
It was difficult even for me to understand
It was like a mystery without a clue
It was an empty song of a new brand
The sand…
Small stones are standing together in the ocean
Like friends in our hearts
We can’t always see them
But they are waiting for us till the end
Then with a smile of hope I said
“I am always here for you my friend”.
                                                                                                                    O. Baha Eddine